What people are saying...

"I found your seminar so useful. I am sort of surprised and disappointed that it wasn't packed wall to wall. The more people who know about it, the less it will happen. I just feel so empowered now." - Liz

"All of the information really made me think. I know Shannon and I will be doing things differently because of what I heard." - Renee

"I can't thank you enough for holding such an informative seminar. I always had the concern, but now I have been made aware of some very usable tools, such as what to say and do when I see something that seems amiss. This is so meaningful." - Elizabeth

"Sue’s presentation highlights important information about potential child molesters and predators. Not With My Child identifies specific tactics and techniques parents, teachers, and all adults need to know about in order to prevent child sexual abuse. It may be uncomfortable to hear, but until every community member knows not only what to look for but also what do to about it, all children are at risk." ~ Sarah Kremer, Program Director, Friends for Youth, Inc.

"I got so much out of this presentation. Things I didn't know, I know now. Thank you." ~ Sallie

"I am thankful that your group and others like it devote so much time and energy in keeping not just your own children safe but in teaching others about ways that they can do the same." ~ Patricia